Snow Shovels For Cars? – These 5 Are Small and Compact

If you travel in your car a lot during winter, then you have no doubt thought about keeping a snow shovel for cars in case you get stuck at work or elsewhere when the snow starts falling. It’s a good idea. Otherwise, you may be relying on others to help you out or using your gloved hands!

Don’t fret. There are snow shovels made for your car! Some are collapsible ones for use on the go, and others are ergonomic types to help your back, and more. The best time to get a new snow shovel is before there is even a chance of snow. That way, you and your car will be ready if a blizzard strikes.

What are The Best Snow Shovels for Cars?

We used honest customer reviews to check which shovels lived up to the hype. This list would help you find the best shovel for your cars. Who better to recommend these tools than those who have tried them themselves? These picks have you covered whether you’re looking for the best snow shovel for cars.

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel, 3 Piece Collapsible Design, Perfect Snow Shovel for Car, Camping and Other Outdoor Activities, Olive
  • 3 PIECE COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Breaks down to 3 pieces making it easy to store and carry
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed of durable high-quality light aluminum weighing 1.3 lbs.
  • BE PREPARED: You'll never know what adverse weather conditions you may run into
  • ADJUSTABLE: Shovel can adjust from 21€ to 26€ to 32€

This tri-fold collapsible shovel tops our list. If your area is prone to larger snowstorms, the Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is for you. It allows you to switch between a 32-inch shovel and a shorter 25-inch shovel. You may also store it in your car or a backpack for usage on the go because it disassembles.

One of the over 2,000 five-star reviews stated that this is a perfect emergency shovel. They like it most because it is light, and they can conveniently store them within or outside their pack.

Power Foldable Shovel

We love the clever design of The Power Foldable Shovel. It folds up to a tiny 12.5″ and comes with a storage pouch. It’s easy to store it in your car without taking up the entire trunk. When you need to shovel, unfold to its full length of 26″ and get to work. It will not only get you out of a blizzard, but it will also be there for you when you need a camping shovel in the summer. The shovel primarily consists of plastic. So, it is lightweight and portable, weighing only 2 pounds. The aluminum blade allows you to firmly cut through the snow that is in the way of your car.

One shopper said this one is a great camping shovel. The handle is comfortable and lightweight for anyone to use.

Snow Moover Brush with Squeegee, Ice Scraper & Snow Shovel

Snow MOOver 39" Extendable Snow Brush with Ice Scraper & Emergency Snow Shovel Kit for Car | 11" Wide Squeegee & Bristle Head | Size: Car, SUV & Small Truck | 4 in 1 Detachable Winter Tools
  • DIMENSIONS: Extended Dimensions: 11" Width x 6" Depth x 39" Height; Dimensions: 11" Width x 6" Depth x 31" Height; Weight: 2 lbs. Snow Shovel Dimensions: 7.5” Width x 3” Depth x 39” Height
  • VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: Cars, SUVs, and Small Trucks
  • EASILY BRUSH or SHOVEL AWAY SNOW: The thick bristled brush helps you remove snow from your car windshield and windows quickly. Or, interchange the parts to assemble your emergency snow shovel
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Double Sided head offers a squeegee opposite the brush head. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier use. The snow scraper comes with 5 separate units—Squeegee/Bristle...

The Snow Moover Snow Shovel Kit is more than a snow shovel for your car. It’s an all-in-one solution. It includes a windshield brush, squeegee, ice scraper, and shovel. It is perfect for the savvy car owner who doesn’t have room in the trunk for four different winter tools. Swap out the pieces depending on the type of winter driving issue you’re having. This 3-in-1 Snow Brush Kit features scratch-resistant jaws. It would help you in breaking through the ice and scooping up snow. This shovel tool extends up to 39 inches. So, it allows you to reach the snow on your windshield or beneath your tires.

It has under 600 perfect ratings. Users love that it is ready to handle all types of winter weather.

Cartman Portable Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel

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CARTMAN 32.5 Inch Folding Emergency Snow Shovel 3 Piece Aluminum Lightweight Portable Sport Utility Shovel for Car Trunk Camping Garden Beach, Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY - Made of superior aluminum alloy, weighs only 1.3 pounds, our sport shovel makes the snow removal tasks easier and happier.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Our aluminum snow shovel can be adjusted to 3 different heights - 23’’, 26’’, 32.5’’ for maximum leverage and efficiency.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - Perfect shovel to carry when go camping, snowboarding, backpacking, snowmobiling. Ideal tool for car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle.
  • EASY TO CARRY - Innovative folding design allows the snow shovel to quickly and easily collapse so you can attach to a backpack or stow away in your car.

The Cartman Sport Utility Shovel is for you if you need an aluminum shovel but still want one that you can adjust. This shovel is consists of aluminum that is both lightweight and sturdy. It weighs less than 2 pounds. You can keep it in your car at all times because the handle reduces from 32″ to 25″. Take the shovel apart into three pieces if you need to carry it in a backpack. You may not want to use this to shovel your entire driveway, but it’s excellent for winter emergencies.

According to some users, this is great to get back on the road when you don’t have access to a standard snow removal tool.

Snow Joe ATJ401M-SJB Compact Utility Shovel | 32-Inch | Aluminum | 3-Piece Smart Lock

Snow Joe ATJ401M-SJB All-Purpose Aluminum Telescoping Compact Utility Shovel, Blue
  • [IDEAL]: For auto, camping, lawn and garden applications
  • [DURABLE]: Yet lightweight aluminum design with high-impact blade and handle
  • [TELESCOPING]: Shaft conforms to 3 adjustable heights: 32.3", 25.6" and 21.3" for maximum leverage and efficiency
  • [EASY]: 3-piece smart lock assembly and compact storage

Snow Joe Compact Utility Shovel is another shovel that we can break down into three parts. You can also change its length depending on your taste. The weight of this shovel, at 1.28 pounds, will be manageable for most users. Yes, this is not the largest of the shovels listed, but it should handle most of the jobs you throw at it.

Users love that it has an extendable handle. This collapsible shovel reaches a length of 30 inches. It is ideal for emergency shoveling.

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Snow Shovel for Your Car?

While shopping for a snow shovel for a car, a few things to bear in mind. The snow shovel should be lightweight and portable. There should be a way to fold the shovel so you can store it in the trunk more easily. 

Let’s look at some of the qualities to help you in making the best possible purchasing decision.


Snow shoveling is a particularly seasonal activity. You only need to take it out during the winter months. It is easier to store a snow shovel that folds or has more choices for hanging it on the wall.

Effortless assembly 

You want a shovel that you can put together fast and effortlessly. The blade and handle have a tool-less attachment style that makes it easy to use.  When you’re planning to use the snow shovel for cars, it’s even more important. You may need to move the handle or alter the blades to make more room in the trunk.

Ergonomics and Design 

Snow shoveling is a physically demanding activity. The ergonomic design makes it simple to clear snow without putting undue strain on your body and to prevent back injuries. You may adjust the snow shovel to fit your body type and height. It makes you feel at ease when removing snow. 

Blade Size

You should choose a shovel blade size that allows you to maneuver around your car’s corners. 

If your vehicle has low ground clearance, you’ll need a shovel blade with a narrower blade. Otherwise, it would be best if you chose a shovel with a larger blade size.

Handle Length

The length of the shovel handle has a significant impact on how easy it is to use. A longer handle gives you more leverage when clearing snow from your car’s roof and driveways. 

The handle should be long enough to reach the car’s roof. Also, the vehicle should be able to clear snow from underneath it. Less snow under the vehicle means the wheels have more traction.

The collapsible or foldable handle allows you more flexibility. It also gives you room for movement when clearing snow from around the car. It enables you to store the shovel in your vehicle’s trunk and use it anytime you need it.


For a snow shovel head, you want something that will last and won’t rust easily. Metal snow shovel is more durable, but it is also heavier.

If you’re going to get a plastic snow shovel, be sure it’s consists of bend-resistant plastic. 

Aluminum snow shovels are also suitable for sport utility vehicles. They provide a good balance of durability and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an emergency snow shovel for my car?

During the winter, most people have enough room in their car to store a snow shovel. For peace of mind, buy an extra shovel and keep it in your trunk. It will come in handy if you ever get trapped in a snowbank or a ditch. It is also important to have it if you find a pile of snow piled against your car due to a snowplow. Consider a folding shovel or one with a collapsible handle if you’re short on trunk space.

Can I use my portable car snow shovel as my primary snow shovel?

Because of its modest size, it is probably not a good choice for most individuals. Some use traditional snow shovels when clearing off the snow on their driveways. Why? Because they are better for long-term use. Remember: There are many different snow shovels, each with its own set of features. Snow shoveling is never fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complex. The ideal snow shovel for your situation is out there. All you have to do is assess your needs and find one that meets them.

Is the performance of an automobile snow shovel comparable to that of a regular snow shovel? 

Snow shovels come in various shapes and sizes, and they all serve a purpose. Every morning, you may use a primary shovel to clear a couple of inches of snow from your driveway. A car snow shovel provides you with a practical way to dig yourself out in an emergency. A portable snow shovel can also keep you from becoming stranded if your vehicle is full of snow. It will make your job much easier if you have the right one at the right time.

Final Word

There are a few tools that can come in handy when you’re rushing for your outdoor activities. Having the correct tool is the difference between showing up early and arriving late. As a result, we have a folding snow shovel in our automobiles at all times.

As the name implies, collapsible snow shovels are wide-blade shovels. It can assist you in moving snow from your route fast and efficiently. We like them because of their use, but their portability makes them an excellent buy. You can even fold these shovels down to the size of a small bag and store them in your glove box or trunk. Check them out, and you’ll be glad you did the next time snow buried your car.

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