Keeping Warm At Work – 20 Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Before

“You’re hot, and then you’re cold. You’re yes, and then you’re no” Katy Perry’s lyrics best describe our office temperatures. Is this a feeling you’ve had before? Are you having trouble keeping warm at work? Getting your office at the “ideal” temperature can feel like an uphill struggle most of the time.

You’ve probably had a supervisor that thinks 65 degrees is a cozy temperature. They put “Do Not Touch” post-it notes on the thermostat, and if you mention being cold, they urge you to put on a jacket.

But, guess what? That is not enough. Your office is everyone’s Fortress of Solitude. But, you’ll need more techniques to remain warm. 

Being in a freezing office is more than unpleasant. Temperatures in the office can affect people’s productivity and capacity to work. Studies show that employees made 44 percent more errors when temperatures were low.

It may not seem very easy to please everyone. But, some actions make your working environment more comfortable for you.

How To Stay Warm At Work?

Regardless of whether you’re freezing, sweating, or somewhere in the middle. If you’re a member of the Chilly Office Club, here are a few tips for keeping warm at work.

Layer Up

Less is never more when it comes to the cold. One of the simplest methods to resist the cold is to layer up to add or remove clothing as needed to be warm. 

Layering is an art, so keep that in mind. Focus on clothing composed of wool, fleece, or down feathers before throwing things. They don’t saturate as rapidly as cotton and help wick moisture away from your body. So, these materials are the best insulators.

Your Snuggie isn’t professional-looking, and we get it. Yet, there are plenty of winter outfits to keep you toasty. To add an extra layer to your body, wear leggings under your pants, a warm scarf, a cardigan, and even a hat, all of which are also excellent gift ideas for someone who is usually cold.

Put On a Pair of Large Headphones

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Wearing headphones at work is a terrific way to show your coworkers that you’re “in the zone.” But it’s not the only advantage they have. 

Your ears are consist of cartilage, so they are more susceptible to the cold. Consider this: In the cold, you wear hats, earmuffs, and headbands for a purpose, right?

Large headphones serve the same purpose at the office. They keep them covered and away from the frigid air.

Stuff Hand Warmers Inside Your Pockets

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We’re sure you’ve experienced the power of hand warmers. These mystical creations consist of iron powder, salt, and charcoal. We understand that purchasing hand warmers for regular usage in the office can be costly. But, you can make your own with the help of this video.

Wear Fingerless Gloves

While holding a hot beverage can keep your hands warm, you must put it down and get some work done, right? 

It is where fingerless gloves come in. These gems keep your hands toasty while allowing you to type, text, swipe, and tap with your fingers free.

There are so many various styles to pick from these days. So, it’s easy to choose a pair that’s perfect for you — and your working setting. To take things a step further, you may get heated fingerless gloves with a pocket that holds a hand warmer. They keep your hands warm while working by plugging them into your laptop while wearing them. 

Take a Sip of a Hot Drink

Your morning coffee has become more valuable. Holding a hot beverage in your hands will keep your hands warm and allow you to type all day. Also, individuals who hold a cup of hot coffee have a “warmer” disposition. To put it another way, holding a hot beverage may make you friendlier.

What if caffeine isn’t your thing? 

You can choose from a hot chocolate or hot water instead of coffee or tea. It would keep you warm and hydrated without over-caffeinating. You can even add a dash of lemon juice for flavor. Keep in mind that drinking too hot of a beverage can activate your body’s cooling system. Make sure you’re wearing something warm and cozy.

Open the Blinds or Curtains

Allow light to enter. Allowing natural sunshine to enter will assist in warming up your environment. But make sure to close the curtains at night to keep the heat in and avoid a draft. 

You don’t want to sit near a window? Find a location in your office that does, and take advantage of the change of scenery. Working away from your desk now and again helps you keep focused.
But what if you can’t sit away from the draft? Insulate them with this transparent film that you apply to the glass panes like stickers. They allow more heat to enter while keeping frigid air out.

Warm Feet Means Dry Feet

As a general rule, keeping your feet dry is the first step toward keeping your feet warm and toasty. Why? It’s easy to realize that if your foot is moist, it becomes the dominant source of heat loss by many folds. 

Investing in a pair of waterproof boots is one of the simplest ways to keep your feet dry. 

Heated insoles will keep your feet toasty inside your shoes and will warm you up from the bottom up. There’s no need to take off your shoes. Tuck them into your favorite boots, and you’re good. 

Even if your wool sock keeps your feet toasty, they may not always fit into your shoes. These heated socks have a more traditional fit and will slip into your shoes. They’re also machine washable.

Wear a Pashmina

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Gloves, space heaters, and wraps-as-lap-blankets can assist in the office. But if you move about a lot during the day, then this is for you. Bring a pashmina to work for the summer and leave it there. It’s a step down from a blanket, but it’s still a fashionable option. It’s not so big that it can’t stay on the back of your chair all season. For added warmth, choose one in a warm color. If keeping warm at work concerns you, but you also want to stay fashionable, this is for you. 

Buy a Space Heater

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If your office allows it, this is the most obvious thing to buy. You can place a tiny 500-watt space heater under your desk or next to you to keep you warm during the day. Now that space heaters aren’t the cumbersome fire dangers they once were. You can keep toasty with a bit of heater the size of a desktop speaker.

Warm Up Your Chair

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Turn up the heat on your desk chair’s heated seat cushion once you’ve put on the heated slippers. You may also get a USB-powered chair warmer and sit on it all day for something a little less noticeable. 

Sitting in a heated chair with remote control is a terrific method to receive the body heat you need. It provides warmth without subjecting your coworkers to the same high temperatures. You’ll feel more comfortable, and no one will notice.

Paint Your Office Using Warm Colors

Paint is the simplest way to change the look of a space, but that is only true once you’ve chosen a hue. Warm hues can make a person feel more comfortable. You may not remodel the entire floor. But, you can still warm up your cubicle using reds, oranges, and yellows.

Buy a Heated Pad and Mouse

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Want a heating pad for the office that you can take with you everywhere you go? It’s possible that your feet are cold or that your hands are too cold to type. You can use it under your mouse and keyboard or even beneath your desk—get two and use them in both places! 

Still not enough? You might want to try this hand-warming USB-powered mouse. It contains a high-speed pointer and a button to switch the heat on and off. It isn’t an ultra-premium gaming mouse. But it is ideal for people who value warm hands and enhanced circulation above all else.

Buy a Heated Keyboard

Even the coldest gadget could use a little more warmth during this time of year. But we’d sooner freeze than wear a pair of USB Warmer Gloves. Heated mice are available on the market that can deliver warmth, but only for one palm at a time. 

But, there may be a solution hidden inside the keys. “Heating elements” are into the keys of the heated keyboard. They work “by transferring heat into your hands. This little device can make a significant difference. It would work best if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis in your hands.

Ginger Tea is an Excellent Choice

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On a cold day, a cup of hot ginger tea can make you feel warm inside. It’s also a diaphoretic, which means it warms you up from the inside out. One of the many health benefits of ginger tea is that it keeps you warm. Ginger has a thermogenic effect. It speeds up your metabolism and elevates your body temperature. If you’re feeling under the weather, try a cup of hot ginger tea for a double dose of warming.

Have A Big Lunch

Loading yourself can help you in the icy dungeon that is your workplace. A large, high-protein, high-fat meal will put your body through a lot of digestive effort. It would raise your core temperature and make you feel warmer.

Eat One Apple A Day

Activating brown fat in your body is one strategy to improve your tolerance to cold. Brown fat is distinct from the white fat that most people associate with fatty tissue. It aids in the burning of calories and the removal of white fat. But that’s not all: it can also help you become more resistant to cold. So, if you’re freezing in the office, grab an apple. The ursolic acid present in apple peels can boost brown fat, keeping you warmer.

Work In A Group Setting

If you work alone in your cubicle, walking into a conference room with others might be beneficial. If the room has windows, you’ll get bonus points for soaking in the sun’s rays. Also, a lack of social interaction can make you feel colder. So, during your workday, chat about coffee pots. Are you sitting in your cubicle for the entire day, shivering away the hours? Get up and move about a little more. Have extra breaks outside of your office’s constraints. Getting up to talk face to face instead of messaging when you have a problem will get your blood pumping. Small chat and banter can also help to lift your spirits.

Heat Your Feet

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Warming up your feet is the quickest way to warm up your complete body. A heated footrest alleviates both cold feet and aching legs. The toasty toes Heated Foot Warmer consumes less energy than even a small space heater. It will keep your feet toasty warm. You can set the footrest in three different positions. You can lay it flat, slightly elevated, or standing erect to act as a little under-desk heater. You get all the benefits of a footrest plus heat to keep you warm in the winter.

Give Yourself A Massage

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A handheld massage may take your job to a new level of relaxation. You can keep it for a break or use it whenever your stiff neck or hurting muscles need a warm, soothing rubdown. 

A particular sort of heat therapy may feel better for one person than another. So, determining which one works best may need trial and error. Among the most common choices are:

  • A hot water bottle will keep you warm for about 20 to 30 minutes. 
  • Electric heating pad – keeps the temperature steady as long as it’s plugged in. 
  • Heated gel packs – Put them in the microwave or hot water. They usually keep you warm for around 30 minutes. 
  • Wear heat wraps around the lower back and waist under clothing. It provides comfort and a low degree of heat for several hours.

Get Some Vitamin C

You may think that vitamin C is the wonder vitamin based on the way people talk about it. Many people claim it keeps them healthy and cheerful during the cold and flu season. It not only improves your body’s ability to withstand heat. But it also enhances your body’s ability to handle cold. Are you on the lookout for C outside of the bottle? Cranberries, citrus fruits, leafy greens, and bell peppers are all excellent choices. An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but an orange may (and even if it doesn’t, it tastes delicious).

Mind Over Matter

Consider this if you are looking for the simplest way on how to stay warm at work. Imagine yourself relaxing on a tropical beach in the sun or having completed a run. You won’t be able to shake the feeling of being cold if you focus on it. If you can’t do any of the above, try to imagine yourself feeling warm. You can even concentrate on the task at hand to keep yourself occupied.

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