How To Keep Your Garage Warm In Winter – 10 Ideas For A Cozy Workshop

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Have you ever worked in a garage where you could see your breath because it was so cold? We understand how you feel. So, if you want to use your garage workshop throughout the year, keep reading. We’ve put together a list of ten suggestions on how to keep the garage warm in winter.

When it’s cold outside, the average garage can also keep you warm inside. But, when the air inside your garage is cold, your equipment gets frozen. Paints and glues fail to adhere. Car repairs or carpentry projects become harsh and unpleasant.

How to Keep the Garage Warm in Winter?

Insulate Your Garage

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The first step to keeping your garage warmer is to insulate it. You can also save money on electricity by insulating your garage. Many garage walls are only studs on the inside, with sheathing and siding on the outside. Cold drafts from the outside will migrate to the inside of the garage. It reduces the effectiveness of your heating efforts. 

Sealing your air leaks will be the initial step in insulating our garage. Wind drafts will do more to reduce the heat in your garage than anything else. The best technique is to look for any broken weatherstripping in the garage and fix it. You can also search for any existing holes. 

The following step will be to insulate your walls. You can do this for minimal cost. Even adding blankets to the walls will assist in keeping the cold air at bay. Another option is to have fiberglass installed in your garage. 

Finally, remember to insulate your garage door panels, which can take up a large amount of wall space in your garage. It means that if the door is not insulated, you can lose a significant amount of heat. A garage door insulation kit will be the best solution to this problem. These should be available at most home improvement stores.

A Wood-Burning Stove for Cheap Heat

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It’s challenging to beat the comforting warmth of a wood-burning stove. If you plan on spending a lot of time in a garage workshop during the colder months, this is a good option for you. A wood-burning stove not only provides heat but also creates a warm atmosphere in the room. If you have access to wood, this can be one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.

Consider safety when putting a wood-burning stove in a garage. You must place the stove near a fireproof surface (a concrete garage floor). Or at a safe distance from walls, cabinets, and other objects. Yet, models vary. Some newer wood-burning stoves have insulated outside shells that don’t get too hot. 

It’s crucial to remember to vent a wood-burning stove properly. It would prevent smoke from accumulating in the garage. Check restrictions with your local building authority.

Use Gas Heaters

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Want to save money on your monthly energy bills? A gas garage heater is a better option than an electrical heater. They may be more expensive than an electric garage heater. Yet, they will cost less each month on average. 

You must connect a gas garage heater to an existing gas line, such as a propane heater, to use it. Gas garage heaters burn combustible fuel. So, you must ensure that your garage is well ventilated.

Consider Installing an Electric Heater

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Electric garage heaters are a cost-effective and efficient solution to heat your garage. They start circulating warm air into your garage immediately after plugging.

You may put your heater almost wherever in the garage. Whether on the floor, on a tablet, or mounted on a wall or ceiling. Remember that electric garage heaters are more efficient than space heaters. They are thus a far better alternative for a garage with two or three automobiles.

Use Propane Heaters

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Many homes have natural gas connections installed. But garages do not, leaving homeowners with fewer options for heating their garages. Electric heating is usually always an option. Yet, electricity is expensive in many areas.

Furthermore, an electric garage heater consumes a lot of power. It can cause circuits to overload and breakers to trip. And, it happens if you’re using much equipment at once. Additionally, relying on electric heat may need the installation of more electrical circuits. Given these reasons, a propane garage heater could be a cost-effective choice.

Opt for Portable Space Heater

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A portable space heater is like the one you’d use to warm up a cold room in your house. It is a simple method to supplement an existing heat source to keep your garage warm on those cold winter days. Depending on how much more heat you need, a garage space heater can be any size to match any budget. They’re also quite portable and available.

Look for the guidelines on buying and installing a heater from the US Department of Energy. It might help you figure out what type and size unit is suitable for your garage.

Use Space Heaters

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Space heaters are a low-cost and easy way to heat your garage. But, they provide heat to only one specific location rather than the entire garage. 

You should only use a space heater if you have a single-car garage. Also, you only want to heat a specific area in your garage, such as your workplace. If you need to heat an oversized two or three-car garage, you should look into the electric or gas garage heaters.

There are two types of space heaters:

Forced-Air Heaters

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You can heat your freezing garage with a forced-air device. These heaters are less expensive than infrared heat sources. They also come in a variety of sizes and prices.

Here are some things to think about: Forced-air heaters heat a space by forcing hot air into it. You can also seek professional help to connect to your home’s gas or propane connection. The disadvantage is that if you do a lot of carpentry. The forced air will blow dirt and debris around. It might cause a big problem for painting, staining, and finishing tasks.

Infrared Heaters

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One of the best methods to heat your garage is using a low-intensity infrared tube heater. (Not the sort that glows red, as this could provide a fire hazard.) A tube heater does not blow air like a forced-air device. But, it radiates heat throughout your space. This type of heater can heat items first, then people. So, you’ll grow used to it, although it may take some time.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

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Is there anything better than heating and cooling in one unit? To ensure that the hot(or cold) air doesn’t escape, insulate your garage first. Then, buy a Ductless Mini-Split. It is such a significant initial investment, and sure you’ll receive your money’s worth.

Yes, it is costly. Yes, you may need to hire a professional to set up the unit. You can convert your garage into a dwelling space, increasing the value of your home. In the end, you get what you paid for.

Radiant Heat Ceiling Panels

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Each of the previous three garage heating choices we’ve discussed so far has one thing in common. They’re all temporary solutions. You can use them when you need to heat your garage. Or if you want to warm it up while you’re going to spend time in it. 

But what about more long-term options for keeping your garage warm? 

A set of radiant heat ceiling panels is one of these options. These will attach to the garage’s wall or ceiling and then radiate heat into the space. Unlike space heaters or garage heaters, they take up very little room and should not be in the way.

Consider Investing in Radiant Floor Heating

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Another option is to get the heat from the floor instead of the walls or the ceiling. Radiant floor heaters can help with this. This approach involves running hot water through tubes beneath the garage floor. Setting up and maintaining this system is inexpensive. All you have to do now is make sure that the floor you chose can convey the heat from the hot water. You are also supporting the high weight of your vehicles and other items in your garage.

Why do you need to heat your garage?

What appears to be a luxury helps you, your home, and, of course, your cars. Here are three significant advantages of having a heated garage: 

It warms up your car 

One of the key advantages of a heated garage is that it keeps your automobile warm. This is just another method of preparing your car for the winter months. A heated garage will keep your car comfortable during the harsh winter months. Forget about failing to start your automobile or your tire pressure claiming to be too low. Your automobile will think it’s 60 degrees in a heated garage!

Prevent frozen pipes

Is there a water spigot on the side of your garage? Garages are rarely insulated. So, you most likely put your garage’s water to the test during the cold months. Burst pipes in your garage are the last thing you want to deal with in the winter. A heated garage will help regulate the temperature in your garage. It will also protect your water pipes from the weather.

Controls Heat

Is there a space over your garage that you could use? (For example, a studio apartment, workplace, or playroom.) If your garage isn’t heated, the room above it will most likely be cold as well. Because heat rises, heating the garage will help keep the room warm. It reduces the other energy expenditures while keeping the space warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suitable temperature for my garage?

It depends on your garage’s purpose and where you live. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your garage above the usual dew point. Inland states usually have a temperature of approximately 40°F.

Meanwhile, coastal states have a temperature of around 65°F.

Is insulating my garage keep it warmer?

Installing space heaters might help manage the temperature of your garage. Yet, insulation is the most effective way to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Insulation helps maintain the temperature of your garage. It reduces air loss and prevents air from entering. Garages are one of the least energy-efficient sections of a house. Thus, insulation is essential. When you use insulation in your garage, you’re also lowering your energy costs. You’re using less energy to heat or cool the rest of your house.

Is it safe to put a heater in the garage?

Any heating techniques discussed above will warm your garage. But you must decide which is best for your needs. To be safe, though, you must take measures with any heating system. Whatever heater you choose, be sure it’s in a secure area away from debris and other objects. Maintain it by keeping it clean and turning it off when you leave the room. Your heater should be safe if you take the necessary steps.

Final Word

If you only remember one thing from this article, it’s that you should insulate your garage. You’ll find the ideal heating system for you on this list. Whatever your choice is, it’s worth it to know how to keep the garage warm in winter.

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