How Much Do Snow Blowers Cost?

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Today, we’re going to find out how much do snow blowers cost and what you should expect when trying to find the right one for your property.

For many people, winter reminds them of the holidays. For some, it means vacations and fun ski trips. However, for homeowners, winter means having to deal with the snow and all the work that comes with it. And this includes clearing the snow from your driveway and sidewalk. 

If you live in regions that rarely experience big snowstorms, a shovel may be enough to handle such a job. However, if your home often gets pummeled by winter storms every year, you might need a more powerful and efficient machine to get the job done faster. In such cases, a snow blower is a better option. But how much do snow blowers cost today? Let’s find out below. 

Average Cost of a Snow Blower

When shopping around for a snow blower, expect to see prices ranging from $100 to $3,500. This price range depends on the type of snow blower. You can buy the simplest and most basic single-stage units at around $100. The more you require from a machine, the higher the price will be. Thus, a two-stage model can start at $500, and three-stage models can start at around $1,000.

How Much Do Snow Blowers Cost By Type?

The type of snow blower plays a huge role in determining its cost. To give you a clearer picture of how much do snow blowers cost here is a comparison of prices according to their type. 

Type of Snow BlowerMechanismClearing DepthAverage Starting Price
Single-StageAugerUp to 12 inchesStarts at $100
Two-StageAuger and impellerUp to 12 inches or moreStarts at $500
Three-StageAuger, impeller, and acceleratorUp to 16 inches or moreStarts at $1,000

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Single-stage units are equipped with an auger that draws the snow from the ground and discharges it with a chute. They are capable of clearing 3 to 8 inches depth of snow at a time, making them more ideal for residential use. They are the weakest, smallest, and somewhat limited. Thus, making them the cheapest snow blowers out there. 

All Power America AP-SB1810E Electric Snow Blower, 18-Inch
  • Light compact design
  • Maximum plowing capacity: 7, 750-square feet per hour
  • 18-Inch Clearing Path
  • For snow up to 8-inches deep

An example of this is the All Power America AP-SB1810E Electric Snow Blower, which is available on Amazon for around $100. It’s a no-frills machine that is light and has a decent clearing path of 18 inches wide with 8-inch snow depth capability. It can also throw snow from 9.8 feet to 19.6 feet. 

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However, there have been many upgrades with single-stage units and some of them are no longer such simple machines. So expect to see higher prices as well. For example, the Briggs & Stratton 1022EX costs over $600, which is a huge leap from the starting price point of single-stage models. The reason behind this is the larger engine, wider clearing path, and the added capability to chop ice. 

There are more expensive single-stage units available in the market with some even reaching as much as $1,800. 

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

If you’re looking for more power, two-stage models might be the better option. They are equipped with an auger and an impeller, which is a fan that forces out the collected snow from the auger to the discharge chute. Thus, making them more capable of collecting snow faster and throwing it farther. 

They are also able to handle deeper snow up to 12 inches, with some models capable of handling more. These types of snow blowers are offered in a wide range of prices. This is because they come in different sizes, construction, and capabilities. 

Basic two-stage snow blowers can start around $500, like the PowerSmart PSS2240-X. Compared to single-stage models, it has a snow clearing width of 24 inches and a depth of 20 inches. For models with more features, however, the price starts to increase. The Honda Power Equipment HSS928AAT, for example, is priced at almost $3,000. It is more expensive because it uses a larger impeller, which increases its snow removal features. 

Three-Stage Snow Blowers 

Three-stage models are equipped with an auger, impeller, and added with an accelerator. This allows such machines to clear snow the fastest and send it the farthest. They are so powerful that it can remove snow 50% faster than two-stage snow blowers

Furthermore, they can clear heavy snow up to 16 inches or more. Thus, making them the most ideal for heavy-duty jobs such as clearing snow on a large driveway. The downside is this also makes them the most expensive types of snow blowers. If you are interested in buying a three-stage snow blower, expect prices to start at $1,000. 

Factors Affecting How Much Do Snow Blowers Cost

Aside from the type, other factors affect the cost of snow blowers, including the following:

  • Power source: Snow blowers can be powered in many ways, including electric, gas, and battery. Gas models are the most expensive since they are bigger and more powerful. 
  • Brand: Popular brands tend to be more expensive. This is because big names already have a reputation to uphold. Thus, they tend to focus more on their products.
  • Added features: The more features a unit has, the higher its price is. Some examples include chute controls, headlight, heated handgrips, multiple speeds, and extra maneuverability.

Ultimately, the price you will have to pay for a snow blower depends on your needs and circumstances. If your home often experiences big snowstorms in the winter, you will probably need to pay more. 

Also, if you want to know how much snow blowers usually weigh, just in case this is an important consideration for you, feel free to check out our post on how much snow blowers weigh.

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