Cordless Snow Shovels – Best Choices for 2022

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Cordless snow shovels (or battery-powered snow shovels) are another example of a modern marvel made possible by Lithium Ion batteries. Instead of a traditional back-breaking manual shovel, these electric devices can make quick work of your sidewalk, deck, patio, or small driveway. We found the best choices for this winter and have reviewed them here to help you make the best choice.

A cordless snow shovel is like a combination of the traditional snow shovel and an electric snowblower. And the best thing about cordless snow shovels is you can use them anywhere on your property and you don’t need to drag a cord with you or find a nearby power outlet.

Here Are The Best Cordless Snow Shovels We Have Chosen To Include

Our Top Pick – Snow Joe 24V-SS13

Our Top Pick is the Snow Joe 24V-SS13 for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight (only 15 pounds)
  • Budget-Friendly (less than $200 – battery included)
  • Ample run-time (22 minutes of snow clearing time)

This machine is our favorite and will work wonderfully for anyone with a smaller property where they need to clear snow. If you have a sidewalk, patio, or small driveway then the 22 minutes of runtime will be just fine. And it comes with a rapid charger included – so you can be back clearing snow within

The Snow Joe handle design is also made for ergonomic comfort. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to do the work of moving this around and clearing the snow, but the handles are designed in a way to minimize back strain.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good power to handle smaller snowfalls


  • Only comes with one battery
  • Your neighbors will definitely ask if they can try it out!

What exactly is an electric cordless snow shovel?

Cordless snow shovels are essentially a combination of a traditional manual shovel and a miniature single-stage snowblower. It is a handheld and lightweight device made to clear snow from smaller areas such as a small driveway, sidewalk, parking space, patio, or deck.  When a full-fledged snow blower is not needed, these are a great alternative.

Even if you already own a snow blower, adding a cordless snow shovel can make sense because you can use it in areas where it may be difficult to navigate your heavy snowblower.

Some people even take a cordless snow shovel in their vehicle when a winter storm is expected. This helps in clearing snow that may be blocking your vehicle’s path when you park or drive outside during heavy snowfall.

How do cordless snow shovels work?

Cordless snow shovels work very similarly to traditional snow blowers.  A rotating blade scrapes snow from the surface and propels it through a chute.  They are handheld machines that are very portable and help you clear snow from many types of surfaces. Unlike snow blowers, you need to manually push the snow shovel along the pavement for the spinning auger to pick up and clear the snow.

Typically, these cordless snow shovels are around 12 inches wide and can clear up to 6-8 inches of snow.

Where can I use a cordless snow shovel?

  • Small driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios and decks
  • Around vehicles
  • Parking spaces
  • Near mailboxes

Cordless snow shovels are best for light powdery snow. If you experience heavy snow and ice packs, then you might be better off using a more powerful snow blower. These machines are best for homeowners or apartment dwellers that have a small area to clear.

Using an electric snow shovel means you have to do a few more passes to get a sidewalk cleared. If you are clearing snow off a large driveway, then it could take some time before you complete this task.

Best Cordless Snow Shovels

How long does the battery last?

Using lithium-ion batteries, these cordless snow shovels typically last between 20-30 minutes on a single charge and you can buy multiple batteries so that you can clear snow continuously.  For a moderate snowfall, this is typically plenty of time for clearing a small driveway, patio, or other areas.  Most batteries charge in just 30 – 90 minutes, so charge one while you use the other if you have a need for that much run time.

How powerful are cordless snow shovels?

The first time you use a cordless snow shovel, you will probably be surprised at how much power they have. Especially since they are so lightweight, it doesn’t seem like they should be able to move much snow. However, they are capable of throwing the snow up to 30 feet and some models even have the ability to change the direction of the throw.  They are powerful enough to clear snowfalls of up to 6 inches, and they clear a path of around 11-13 inches wide.

For example, the Snow Joe model we recommend can clear over 1600 pounds of snow per charge. Your back will definitely thank you in the morning!

How maneuverable are they?

Maneuverability is one of the best features of these machines.  It is easy to clear areas around vehicles, narrow sidewalks, steps, and other areas where a full-size snowblower could not easily access.  Some models have wheels that can help even more.  However, even the models without wheels are very light and easy to handle.  Most models weigh just 15 lbs. making them perfect for seniors and ladies.

Is there any assembly or maintenance?

Most models come nearly fully assembled with just a few parts to put together. In fact on the Snow Joe model, there are literally two screws to insert and you can be done in 2 minutes.

Since these use electric motors, there is no maintenance traditionally associated with gasoline engines. No oil changes, spark plugs, gasoline smell, or other costly repairs.

Storing a cordless snow shovel

Cordless snow shovels are very easy to store, this is one of the greatest benefits.  They are small enough to store in a small shed or even an indoor closet.  Cordless snow shovels are the best option for apartment or condo dwellers who need to clear snow.  Since there is no gas to spill or fumes to smell, storing these indoors is a real option when storage space is at a premium.

Greenworks 40V (75+ Compatible Tools) 12” Cordless Snow Shovel, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • EFFORTLESS SNOW REMOVAL: Greenworks presents lightweight and powerful snow shovels designed to effortlessly move snow out of your way, making winter maintenance a breeze
  • WIDE12-INCH SHOVELING WIDTH: These snow shovels efficiently clear a path by effectively moving snow aside​
  • POWERFUL SNOW DISPLACEMENT: These shovels come with the power to throw snow out of your way, ensuring efficient and effective snow removal​
  • IDEAL FOR MODERATE SNOW DEPTHS: Best suited for snow depths of up to 6 inches, these shovels are perfect for handling moderate snowfall​

How much does a cordless snow shovel cost?

Cordless snow shovels are quite affordable.  Most models cost between $100 and $300.  Be wary of finding cheaper versions, they may not be cordless.  Corded models offer similar convenience, but have the added hassle of carrying a cord and the distance limits that come along with that.

Is a cordless snow shovel recommended for me?

So what makes you a good candidate for a cordless snow shovel?

If you can say yes to any of the following statements, then you should consider a cordless snow shovel for yourself.


  • are tired of shoveling snow
  • have a smaller area to clear
  • live in an apartment or condo
  • have limited storage space available
  • have back trouble that stops you from being able to shovel

Are electric snow shovels any good?

When used for the right application, yes. When used for the wrong application like deep snow or long driveways, then no.

How do you start a cordless snow shovel?

These are different than machines with gasoline engines. Since there is no engine to “start”, you simply press the safety/on switch(es) and the rotating blade starts spinning right away.

Are cordless snow shovels safe to use?

When used properly, yes, they are very safe. However, avoid any circumstance where you need to place your hand around the spinning auger. If you do need to touch the auger for any reason, remove the battery first to avoid any chance that the auger will start spinning.

Are power snow shovels better for your back than manual shoveling?

Power snow shovels do not eliminate ALL of the physical labor of removing snow. You still need to push the device around, you just do not need to do the lifting. Since most snow shoveling injuries happen during lifting, then YES, these machines can significantly decrease the chances of hurting yourself while shoveling snow.