Cordless Snow Blowers

Cordless snow blowers are one of our favorite topics here at Own The Winter.

Whether you are purchasing your first snowblower or if you are replacing your gas snow blower you have found the right resource to help you choose the best cordless snow blower for you.

Electric snow blowers have come a long way over the years and today they are well-made, powerful, and dependable must-haves for many homeowners.

They can easily clear your residential sidewalk, driveway, deck, or patio.  These blowers are best suited for urban and suburban settings.  If you have a rural property with 5+ acres, multiple driveways, and gravel areas to clear, then a gas powered snow blower may still be best for you.

Is a cordless snow blower for me?

So what makes you a good candidate for a cordless snow blower?  If you can say yes to these following statements, then you should order yours today.

  • You are tired of shoveling snow
  • You have a “normal” residential driveway
  • You like to save money and be eco-friendly

Who makes the best cordless snow blower?

There are many companies that make cordless snow blowers.  Here are some of the top manufacturers:


Snow Joe