Best Winter Boots For Boston – 2022 Choices For Fashion And Function

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So, you’ve arrived in Boston, Massachusetts. The city of clam chowder and huge tea parties left the highest rulers awed and breathless. Welcome!

The December weather in Boston is pleasant. It offers exciting shows at the Boston Opera House and other Theater District sites. Even better: glistening Christmas lights and plenty of cheer wherever you go. If you are ready to wander when you arrived in Boston, you must prepare your winter coats and the best winter boots for Boston!

Our Top Pick At A Glance

What is Boston Winter Like?

Boston’s winters are bitterly cold. It has an average daily temperature of 30°F and evening temperatures of 22°F, with much snow. January is the coldest month in Boston, with lows of 24°F and highs of 37°F. 

Although each year is different, we can nearly always count on snow, even if it is only a few flakes or flurries.

Believe us when we say that the weather in Boston changes in the blink of an eye, so keep an eye on it! You looked outside five minutes ago, and it was all bright and sunny. Yet, you don’t want to step out of the home to discover another snowstorm going on.

It is why, if you’re traveling in Boston, we recommend bringing some winter boots. As a quick tip, we’ll look at the best winter boots for Boston. It will make sure you keep as warm and dry as possible while visiting this fantastic city.

Here Are the Best Women’s Winter Boots for Boston

Our Top Pick: The Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

The Columbia Ice Maiden II boot is consists of waterproof leather. It has at least 200 grams of insulation to keep your feet dry and comfortable in extreme cold. The boot comes with approximately 9 inches tall heels when measured from the arch. 

This winter boot has a Techlite lightweight midsole for long-lasting excellent cushioning. It has high energy support and an Omni-grip traction sole for slip-free mobility.

What they say: These winter boots have received five stars from over 18,000 reviews. Hundreds of users praise the fact that they are waterproof. Others have remarked on how it keeps their feet toasty.

Best for Extreme Weather: Dream Pairs Women’s Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots

Dream Pairs Women’s Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots are water-resistant and incredibly durable. They have a synthetic sole and a cushioned footbed that provides all-day comfort. 

With a 200g thermolite insulation, these boots undoubtedly suit cold-weather requirements.

What they say: A user who wore these under negative temps describes them as warm and waterproof. And while these check all the valuable boxes, they also get top marks for how attractive they are.

Best Waterproof: Sorel Women’s Snow Angel Waterproof Boot

The Sorel Women’s Snow Angel Waterproof Boots have a solid rubber sole and a faux fur lining. It has synthetic material,  which makes them entirely waterproof. It consists of materials with a rubber sole for superior traction on any surface. These are some of the most fashionable winter boots on the market right now, in our opinion.

What they say: What they say: At least one reviewer says this Sorel boot is her “go-to boot when I go snowshoeing.” According to reviewers, these boots have fleece-lined insulation and faux-fur cuffs. They can survive the winter weather and the heaviest wear and tear. According to some reviewers, these boots are perfect for long outdoor excursions.

Here Are the Best Men’s Winter Boots for Boston

Our Top Pick: Sorel Caribou

The Sorel Men’s Snow Boots are ideal for Boston’s cold weather. They are consist of leather and synthetic materials that make them waterproof. It has a rubber sole for superior traction on any surface. A plush synthetic fur is inside these boots to keep feet particularly warm in the winter. 

The boots include a rubber tip to keep the toes dry in the snow. The Sorel boots are available in various color options to complement any outfit.

What they say: Most people would agree that these boots are a little too heavy for a multi-mile winter trip. But, others might disagree and head out into the woods in their Caribous. According to users, the Caribous had one of the most excellent grips on compacted snow. The felt cuff and mid-calf shaft kept snow, slush, and puddles away from reviewers’ feet.

Best Traction: Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

The Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III is perfect for Boston weather. These boots have a fantastic seam-sealed construction with an Omni-heat reflective lining. It has a total of 200g of insulation that keeps your feet warm.

It has a Techlite lightweight midsole. These Bugaboots provide outstanding cushioning, long-lasting comfort, and a high energy return. 

It also has a non-marking Omni-Grip traction rubber outsole. The boot’s upper is a mix of nylon, leather, webbing, and metal hardware.

What they say: The Bugaboots were the best winter boot on Amazon for a reason. They lauded the warmth, sturdiness, and, most importantly, their waterproofness. They even dare you stand in a puddle to prove it with complete confidence. Some couldn’t think of a boot with higher traction. It was their top pick for that particular feature, receiving a score of ten out of ten.

Best Around Town Winter Boot: L.L. Bean Shearling-lined Winter boots

L.L. Bean boots are well-known worldwide. They often come to mind when you need a pair of hard-wearing boots. These boots feature triple-stitched waterproof leather uppers and a steel shank. It has a removable felt and fleece liner, which is enough for most snowy circumstances. A quick look at the bottom reveals a sturdy sole that provides excellent traction. 

L.L. Bean boots are consist of leather, making them a strong contender for the best winter boots for Boston. They are fantastic because they are comfortable to wear, high-quality, and long-lasting. These are perfect for an evening out if you want to be a little more elegant and sophisticated.

What they say: These boots are waterproof, as the name implies. The warmth of the shearling-lined L.L. Bean Boots was the first thing that struck the users. The shoes only have 200 grams of insulation, but the sheepskin adds another degree of warmth. The fleece is soft and wonderful, and they could tell it was good quality.

How to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Boston?

You want a pair of winter boots that will protect your feet from the snowy Boston weather. Look for a thick rubber sole that provides the best possible grip in snow and ice. Nowadays, companies have different types of technology to increase the waterproofing of shoes.

You may have to prioritize use above fashion (though you can get both!).


When searching for winter boots, warmth is a top priority. How can you determine how warm a boot will be without trying it on? Look at the lining materials if there isn’t a temperature rating. Different types of linings are in different types of winter boots. Thermal materials such as Thinsulate are for winter boots with no removable inner. For extreme cold, look for 400 to 800 grams of insulation boots. Shearling is another type of wool for fashion footwear. It provides excellent insulation.

The insole is another aspect that contributes to a boot’s warmth. The lining is useless if the cold water seeps through the sole and insole. 

Boot Traction

The size and depth of the lugs on the outsole influence how much traction a boot provides. Lugs are the channels and ridges in the rubber that grasp the ground surface prevent slips and falls. Some boots have heel breaks. It protects against slipping on steep descents and uneven terrain. 

Rubber is the most prevalent material that provides excellent traction on ice. 


Boot linings do more than only keep your feet warm in the winter. Many warm winter boots have antibacterial or antimicrobial characteristics to avoid bacterial development. Look for these features as well as quick-drying technologies. 

The need for waterproofing might sometimes conflict with the demand for breathability. Full-grain leather boots are waterproof. But they’re not as breathable as split-grain leather and nylon boots. Some fabrics, such as Gore-Tex, are both waterproof and breathable. 

Those who sweat profusely should buy breathable winter boots. Specific waterproof and breathable materials may be more expensive. But, it avoids cold feet or, worse, frostbite.


Waterproofing in boots keeps water, snow, or slush from entering the boots. Some boots feature a gusseted tongue. A gusseted tongue links to the boot with triangular sections on the sides. It prevents water from seeping through. 

A cuff or gaiter is another significant feature of water-resistant footwear. A cuff is a snug liner that forms a collar at the top of the boot. It collects snow that would otherwise fall into the boot and helps it fall outside.

A gaiter keeps snow out of the top of the boot. Gaiters are tubes that stretch upwards from the top of the boot and tighten around the calf. They are also known as “top closures.”


Comfort is a must when wearing a pair of winter boots for long periods. A decent boot should support the foot and arch while encouraging walking. Be ready for long Boston trips, so check those comfortable boots for long walks. 


Winter boots aren’t the lightest shoes you’ll ever buy. While a sense of toughness is desirable, the boots should not be too heavy to move around in. Padding and insulating materials are now more lightweight and less bulky than before. It is a characteristic that shoppers should take advantage of. Lightweight winter boots are more comfortable and enjoyable to wear for petite ladies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Boston get snow?

Yes! The first snowfall of the season in Boston typically occurs in December. The last snowfall of the season usually occurs in March. On average, Boston receives just over 49 inches of deep snow.

What do I wear during Boston winter?

While Boston’s temps aren’t precisely as chilly as some would have you believe, they do have plenty of wind. So, dress in layers. Warm gloves, a scarf, a hat, and earmuffs are all essentials, and an umbrella can be an excellent addition.

Is it worth going to Boston in the winter?

Regardless of the weather, Boston city streets are great for strolling. Boston is full of entertaining things to do all year, but we believe the winter months are remarkable. Enjoy Boston’s plethora of museums, local breweries, charming neighborhoods, sports teams, and more. Stroll down romantic streets, stop for a hot chocolate, or do outdoor ice skating.


Prepare yourself if you’ve never experienced a Boston winter before. If you think it’s cold now, wait until it’s 5 degrees in mid-December. That may seem impossible, but in Boston, everything is possible. Check your weather app or, at the very least, gaze out the window to be safe.

Remember that Boston is a terrific place for walking. So make sure you bring the best winter boots for Boston.

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