The Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves – Updated for 2022

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Searching through hundreds of brands for the best cold weather hunting gloves will overwhelm you. However, having the best one is the difference between a good shot and a missed one.

Any outdoorsman will tell you that having cold hands may ruin any hunting trip. Here are some excellent options for keeping your hands warm and keeping you in the stand longer. It can give you the agility to shoot when the right shot presents itself.

Our Top Picks

What Are The Best Winter Hunting Gloves?

Sitka Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Hunting Gloves

SITKA Gear Gradient Glove Optifade Waterfowl X Large
  • GRADIENT GLOVES - Available in sizes medium, large, and x-large. (Available Colors: Timber and Marsh)
  • TIGHT WOVEN JERSEY FACE - The Gradient Glove is made from a super stretch microfiber fleece that offers lightweight warmth and allows maximum dexterity for shotgun operation.
  • VERSATILITY AND COMFORT - A tighter, more form-fitted cut gives it the ability of functioning as either a standalone glove, or as added warmth for the Pantanal Glove, Delta Deek Glove, or Hudson Mitt.
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you’re prepared to tackle any obstacle, in any element, under any condition. Check out our storefront to view...

Sitka Gear’s Gradient Stretch hunting gloves are a game-changer. The gloves have it all. It has a pull-on fastening and conductive technology for touchscreen capability. 

With their powerful patterns, their concealments take blind hunting to the next level. It weighs 1.4 oz and makes chores easier and faster to complete. 

The gloves are consist of a highly durable super-stretch polyester knit fabric. They have a microfibre fleece on the inside to keep the temperature cool.

The material also has enough skill to allow for the usage of a shotgun. This pair of gloves has exceptional odor neutralization. 

This duo is available in two color schemes: Optifade Timer and Optifade Waterfowl. 

Under Armour Men’s SC Primer Gloves

Under Armor Men's Scent Control Primer 2.0 Gloves
  • Under Armour Scent Control technology traps & suppresses odors so you’re less detectable & more lethal
  • ColdGear Infrared lining uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat
  • UA Storm finish repels rain & snow without sacrificing breathability
  • Tech Touch print on thumbs & fingers allow you to use touch screen devices without taking your gloves off

The Under Armour Primer Hunting Glove consists entirely of fibers. It is a hunter’s best buddy against the cold, scents, and wet. 

Under Armour’s Scent Control technology is present on the gloves. It improves performance on the field. 

More crucially, it has a thermo-conductive material on the inside. It keeps your hands warm by preserving body heat. 

Under Armour has employed a UA Storm coating to keep snow and precipitation out of the gloves. It still keeps air circulation in check.

You can also use it with touchscreen devices, making it highly convenient. The gloves are 8.1 ounces in weight and contain knuckle padding for added comfort. 

Ridge Reaper Camo Forest and Realtree Ap-Xtra are two colors to choose from.

SITKA Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt

SITKA Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt Optifade Elevated II Large
  • INCINERATOR FLIP MITTS - Available in sizes medium, large, and x-large. (Available Color: Elevated II)
  • INSULATED FLIP OVER MITT - The insulated flip over mitt keeps your hands warm and relaxed with a 100% windproof GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane surrounded by PrimaLoft Gold down insulation blend.
  • DURABILITY AND PROTECTION - Equipped with leather palms to provide added protection as well as a no-slip grip, and features atriculated fingers for ultimate dexterity and precision.
  • SITKA Gear – We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you’re prepared to tackle any obstacle, in any element, under any condition. Check out our storefront to view...

For some hunters, wearing a flip mitt instead of gloves may seem odd. But others want to be warm while strolling around the terrain they are hunting in. The sizes of these flip mitts range from medium to extra-large. So pick the one that best fits your physical characteristics. 

Sitka Gear Incinerator Flip mitt has insulation. It allows your hands to stay warm, thanks to the Gore Windstopper fabric. It is also 100 percent windproof. This membrane is with PrimaLoft insulation. It provides exceptional comfort to your fingers and hands.

Mitts are often less convenient to use than regular gloves because you may not get the exact grip. But, the design of these avoids this problem. They are with leather palms and articulated fingers.

BANDED Squaw Creek Insulated Glove

Banded Squaw Creek Glove
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wide mouth opening for easy on and off
  • Durable 275 denier exterior

One of the best cold weather hunting gloves is the Banded Squaw Creek Insulated Glove. These gloves include SHEDS (Super Hydrophobic Evaporative Development System) waterproof breathable technology. It keeps your hands completely dry at all times.

These gloves are ideal for chilly weather for their PrimaLoft silver premium insulation. The gloves have a wide-mouth opening for easy on/off. It also has a topside articulation with an adjustable cuff for a proper fit. An easy-grip palm provides great agility with full-range finger mobility. 

The downside?

The Bottomland Camo designs of these gloves help hunters stay unseen in the dark.

Glacier Full-Fingered Fleece Lined Gloves

Glacier Glove Aleutian Waterproof Gloves - Realtree Camo
  • Sharkskin textured
  • 2mm fleece lined neoprene
  • Seamless palm design
  • Waterproof

The Glacier Full-Fingered Fleece Lined Gloves will keep you dry and warm. It would make you comfortable in windy, cold, or wet circumstances. 

They are consist of 2MM Fleece Lined Neoprene. It provides waterproofing properties to help you avoid the pain of wet hands on the field. 

A sharkskin texture on the palms improves grip while also providing protection. The glove is warm, so it’s ideal for chilly weather. 

This one is available in the MAX-5 Camo color scheme.

Huntworth Heavyweight Insulated Hunting Gloves

Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight, Primaloft Insulation, Waterproof Hunting Gloves, Disruption Camo
  • CONCEALMENT: Huntworth Disruption camouflage utilizes computer generated graphics featuring a high level of random and abstract visual noises to help you remain undetected in the environment
  • INSULATION WARMTH: PrimaLoft Gold 60g Insulation, ultra-fine fibers are engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet, and create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater...
  • WATERPROOF AND SCENT CONTROL: A Hydrashield breathable waterproof membrane keeps your hands dry. Inner lining is treated with Microban protection for scent reduction.
  • TOUCH SCREEN AND FIT: Conductive index finger and thumb for use on all your touch screen devices. The bonded construction of the shell materials makes for an impressively form fit. Pre-curved finger...

Huntworth’s heavyweight and insulated hunting gloves are next in line. 

It has a hook and loop closure and is a heavyweight hunting glove for tough jobs. As a result, you can count on this pair of gloves to last a long time and provide excellent protection. 

It contains a Velcro pocket where you can insert a heat pack to keep your hands warm in chilly weather. A grip-tex patch on the palm gives a secure hold. 

It has a Microban antimicrobial treated tricot lining to keep the odor at bay. It comes with HydraShield, which keeps the water out. 

The gloves are a little bulky, but they do the job for heavy-duty chores! A pair is available in four colors: Hidden, Hidden Camo, Blaze Orange, and Snow Camo.

Hot Shot Defender Thermal Gloves

Hot Shot 0x-206C-xx-AZ Men's "Defender" Glove, Realtree Xtra, Large
  • Brushed tricot
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Sure-grip reinforcement

The Hot Shot Defender Winter Thermal Gloves is one of the best cold-weather gloves. We are guessing they build them with the severe cold weather hunter in mind. These gloves cost roughly $19. They are great if you plan on hunting in the dead of winter in snowy circumstances and are on a budget. 

Although the gloves are not waterproof, they do feature a waterproof lining inside. It will keep your hands dry but may cause them to sweat. 

These gloves have a thicker layer of Thinsulate than conventional gloves. So, you should only wear them when the temperature is chilly. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with sweaty hands.

King’s Camo Insulated Gloves

King's Camo Insulated Glove, Desert Shadow, Medium
  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • 40 grams of Thinsulate
  • 100% Polyester
  • Streamlined Index Fingers

The King’s Camo Insulated Gloves are waterproof gloves that are incredibly comfortable. They provide warmth during late-season hunts with 40 grams of Thinsulate Fill. This pair of insulated gloves are consists of quick-drying polyester material. Grip palms and fingertips boost operation and give a shooting gun a better feel. The index finger’s streamlined shape allows for excellent trigger finger dexterity.

Desert Shadow and Mountain Shadow are two designs for these waterproof hunting gloves. Both are an excellent fit for your camo.

DRAKE LST Refuge Gore-Tex Glove

Drake Waterfowl Unisex LST Refuge HS Waterproof Gore-Tex Hunting Gloves
  • VERSATILE HUNTING GLOVES – The Drake's LST Refuge Gore-Tex Glove is comfortable for a successful hunt and is waterproof and insulated to keep you warm
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE - These gloves are sewn with Refuge HS shell fabric and coated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to shed water at the surface and for waterproof but breathable protection
  • INSULATED – The Glove has 200g insulation on the back of the hand and 140g insulation on the palm; two insulation zones create lower bulk and better grip on the palm and maximizing warmth where you...
  • LEATHER PALM - Drake LST Refuge Gloves for men have a digitized goat-leather palm and full-length gauntlet for cutting-edge comfort

The Drake LST Refuge Gore-Tex Gloves is one of the best winter hunting gloves on the market. They give warmth as well as hunting comfort and functionality. The outer shell consists of Refuge HS material for strength and durability.

It is 100 percent waterproof and breathable, thanks to GORE-TEX technology. Drake has a zipped compartment for storing Hot Hands heat packs for further warmth.

Hot Shot Men’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens

Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens–Outdoor Hunting Camouflage
  • INSULATED: The Men's Hot Shot Camo Huntsman Mittens are lined with 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. It is a brushed tricot pop-top mitten, the perfect accessory to stay warm outside without...
  • OUTDOOR: These gloves are a great item for outdoor lovers who enjoy hunting and fishing. The camo design camouflages into your hunting surroundings and seasons. Available in medium, large and...
  • ODOR RESISTANT: Odor-XChange antimicrobial lining technology targets bacteria that causes odor while wicking away moisture to keep your hands warm and dry. They are a great gift option for your...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Keep your hands mobile with the pop-top for your fingers and thumb, made of 100% polyester. Silent magnetic closures are located on the pop-top and pull back thumb to keep the flap out of...

These gloves are ideal for those who enjoy hunting and fishing in the great outdoors. The Realtree design blends nicely with your hunting environment and season. Its Odor-XChange antimicrobial lining technology fights odor-causing microorganisms while wicking moisture away to keep your hands warm and dry.

The Hot Shot Men’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens has a zipped heater pack compartment to keep you warm in the coldest winter months. The stretch fleece fingers keep you warm, and the Pro-Text touch technology on the index finger lets you operate your phone while you’re wearing them.

How to Choose the Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

There are a few things to consider for the best hunting gloves for extreme cold weather. And the first step is to figure out what kind of gloves will work best for you.

Types of Hunting Gloves

Full Finger Gloves 

A full-finger glove is excellent for shooting. It also keeps your hands warm in colder weather. Gloves with all five fingers are frequently more flexible and easier to use. 

Fingerless Glove or Fingerless Mitten Combo 

The Fingerless Glove or Fingerless Mitten Combo is ideal for bow hunting. Fingerless gloves are also helpful for more detailed work, especially in hotter weather. 


Mittens are best for icy weather conditions because they provide the most warmth. You can fold some designs back to allow you to perform complex chores with your hands.


Recently, Gore-Tex has gained a lot of popularity. This tough fabric is windproof, water-resistant, and toasty. Gloves consisting of Gore-Tex are light and breathable. It increases the hunter’s comfort and protection.


Wool is a natural product that provides warmth to your hands. It’s found in almost all winter hunting gloves and is a good choice for cold-weather hunting. 


Leather gloves are popular among hunters. They are incredibly durable and provide excellent hand protection. They also take your hand’s unique shape in a concise amount of time. But, leather is not highly breathable. As a result, it’s best to avoid it in hot weather.


Neoprene is another waterproof material that we often see in many hunting items. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that keeps your hands warm. It also resists water and wind. 

The downside? 

Neoprene does not breathe well because it is a synthetic rubber. As a result, your hands may sweat profusely, as if they were in a sauna.

What Makes the Best Hunting Gloves for Extreme Cold Weather?


The durability of a hunter’s gear and clothing is important. It’s important to have a pair of gloves that won’t tear after a few uses. Look for something that will protect your hands from scratches and injuries. Leather or neoprene will be a suitable choice in this scenario. But synthetic material is very durable.

Weather Resistant 

Waterproof gloves, windproof, or resistant materials keep your hands dry and toasty. 


When deciding which insulation to use, consider the climate and projected air temperature. Low temperatures need the use of fleece or wool insulation. It keeps your hands warm in bitterly cold weather. Thinsulate-insulated hunting gloves, as well as PrimaLoft-insulated ones, are popular these days. Line the gloves with fleece or wool to keep your hands warm in cold conditions. 


Having a good grip on the palms and fingertips aids in control and grabbing. 


Stretchy materials like Lycra and Spandex allow for smoother mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cold-weather hunting gloves?

The best hunting gloves for cold weather have insulation. It provides cold-season hunters’ warmth, comfort, and protection. Wool is a good insulator and is present in most winter gloves.

Are insulated gloves good for winter hunting?

When it’s freezing outside, insulated gloves do provide warmth and comfort. It keeps the hand comfortable enough on the hunting field.

How do hunters keep warm in the winter? 

You may use heat packs in a variety of ways to keep your hands warm while hunting. Slipping heat packs into your mittens is a terrific technique to keep your hands toasty. When the weather drops, external heat packs in a hand-warming muff are also a great choice.

Final Word

A pair of hunting gloves can make or break the day for even the most experienced hunter. A hunter must be able to keep his hands dry and warm while sitting in a stand or blind for an extended amount of time. These gloves will suit the demands of almost every hunter. They provide both cold weather protection and waterproof material.

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